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Studio of Architecture and Design

The studio was founded in 2010.

We are developing interior designs for residential and public premises, houses, shopping complexes and even production bases. We are entrusted with the whole course of work: they give the draft room, but they get it completely ready. Such projects are best for us.

We have proven contractors working with us, so you do not need to look for a team yourself. The same with materials and interior items - if you need a table of solid oak, we'll get it. If the project provides for complex multi-level lighting with remote control, we will do it.

We perform architectural supervision - we make sure that contractors do not leave the project, and clients receive what they paid for.

Our Services

  1. Designing of individual houses
  2. Conducting the project "on a turn-key basis" up to arrangement of objects of a decor
  3. Author's supervision - project support during the finishing
  4. Design project of interior of residential and public premises
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